The SPENN Millionaire

Help Santa go cashless this Christmas to win 1,000,000 FRW

Win 1,000,000 FRW on Christmas Eve!

Santa needs your help to spread the word about SPENN! Simply complete one or more of the challenges underneath to be part of the raffle! The more you challenges complete, the more chances you have to be the lucky winner! Pro tip: invite your friends using the Share your URL challenge and get 5 points (= 5 extra chances of winning the 1,000,000) every time one of them participates!

1 point = 1 raffle ticket = 1 chance at winning!


  • Saturday 8th of December – 50,000 FRW
  • Saturday 15th of December – 50,000 FRW
  • 24th Christmas Eve – 1,000,000 FRW

Top up your account at I&M Bank, for every top up over 5000 you will receive 20 points, and for every top up over 50,000 you will get 100 points! *Will not be visible on the website, but will be tracked in our system.

[RF_CONTEST contest=’12574′]

How to win:

If you have technical issues, try using another browser (we have gotten innput from our users that the Opera browser sometimes does not work properly with the campaign system).

  • Share your URL every time someone participates using your URL you get 5 extra points!
  • Install SPENN on your Android or iPhone to get 5 points!
  • Like our FB page to get 3 points!
  • Share FB post to get 6 points!
  • Follow us on Twitter to get 3 points!
  • Retweet our pinned tweet to get 6 points!
  • Follow SPENN.RW on Instagram to get 3 points!
  • Use #cashlesschristmas every time you share a post about SPENN on Instagram you get 5 points!
  • Subscribe to YouTube to get 3 points!
  • Join SPENNtastic News, our email newsletter to get 7 points!
  • Review our Android app to get 7 points!
  • Review our iOS app to get 7 points!