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What is SPENN+?

SPENN+ enables business-like functionality in your app. Create your own location on the SPENN map, gain access to a point-of-sale system to get paid directly on your smartphone and get digital receipts for all transactions. The upgrade is free and is done from within the app.

Pro tip: Did you know that stores that started using SPENN+ as a point of sale solution, allows customers to simply scan a QR code to pay?

Who can upgrade to SPENN+?

Any SPENN user can upgrade to SPENN+ for free within seconds. Simply follow the steps below to get started.

Pro tip: Did you know that users that have upgraded their account to SPENN+ and added their business to the SPENN map, get more foot traffic to their store?

How to: upgrade to SPENN+?

It’s easy – simply follow the four steps below, and you will have your account upgraded in no-time!

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