An introduction to the platform

Clean design

Simplistic and user friendly consumer and business interface

Savings account

Start saving and watch your money grow with SPENN

Peer-to-Peer transfer

Send or request money from family members and friends

Store locator

Locate stores and cashiers close to your position


Visit your local business to top-up, cash-out, or pay with SPENN

iOS and Android

SPENN’s advanced eWallet works for everyone!

SPENN is an advanced financial platform built into a user friendly mobile eWallet. SPENN is a product developed by Blockbonds, a company with the vision to create a world where everyone on this planet has the opportunity to join the digital economy.


Enjoy free transfers with SPENN! Sign up in with your smartphone and take part of the digital economy today!

Start saving today and watch your money grow with SPENN.

Top-up, cash-out, or pay with SPENN in your local store.

Earn money by referring SPENN to anyone.



Get paid with SPENN and keep track of all sales by signing up as a business to use our cost free point-of-sale solution.

Reduce physical cash on hand to a minimum for a safer work environment.

Appear on the SPENN map to be visible for all SPENN users.

Earn money by offering SPENN users to top-up and cash-out from you.

Earn money by referring SPENN to anyone.

Free point of sale


Double up as an ambassador to earn extra money.

Invite friends and family: both you and every new user will earn a one time cash bonus.

Share your referral code: both you and every new user will earn a one time cash bonus.


Let other users top-up or cash-out from you.

Earn money on the transaction fee you set.

Appear in the SPENN map as an available agent for all users.

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"We will gather all the people in this region and show them this great product. SPENN provides us with the solution we've been looking for."
Janine Roque and Cherry Lynn RoqueFuture SPENN agents
"Extra income will help both my business and my family - especially when considering the added layer of safety SPENN will provide for me"
Kathlyn Lorraine T. BrondoAlpha-tester
"We know the platform still is not available - but seriously, where can we get hold of it? This is exactly what our families have been looking for!"
Maritess Sami, Divine AsperoBusiness owner