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Take control of your finances.

Discover the power of SPENN, your all-in-one payment app that simplifies your everyday transactions. With SPENN, you can:

Pay in-store

Pay for purchases at shops hassle-free.

Pay bills

Buy airtime and pay bills conveniently from your phone.

Seamless Money Management

Experience the ease of managing your finances on the go.

Supercharge your  savings.

Keep your savings separate from your balance to reach your goals—whether you’re building an emergency fund, saving for a vacation, or something else!

Set Savings Goals

Set personalised savings goals and watch your money grow.

Maximise Your Earnings

Earn competitive interest rates, maximising your financial potential.

Effortless Financial Planning

Enjoy flexible saving and unlimited withdrawals, making financial planning effortless.

Access quick loans.

Unlock the possibilities with our 14 days free interest LOAN feature, tailored to empower your financial journey. With SPENN loan, you can:

Flexible Loan Options

SPENN loan of up to 500,000 Rwf, enabling you to handle unexpected expenses or invest in your aspirations.

Earn Higher Loan Limits

Accumulate points through daily app usage, providing you with opportunities to access higher eligibility score.

Seamless Application Process

Our seamless loan application process, ensures quick access to the funds you need.

SPENN has made managing my finances so much easier. From convenient shop payments to setting achievable savings goals, the app fits seamlessly into my life. Getting a loan when I needed it was straightforward and stress-free. I highly recommend SPENN for its simplicity.


How to join SPENN?

Download & Install

Start by downloading SPENN from your Apple of Google Play store.

Verify your number

SPENN sends a secure verification code to your phone number. Enter the code to safeguard your account.

Verify your account

Upload your ID for full account access.

Ready for financial freedom? Click on the “Get started now” button to download SPENN and transform the way you manage money!