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In 2014, the idea of SPENN evolved through a vision of giving equal financial opportunities to population of 2 billion unbanked globally, through a digital representation of fully backed local currencies using blockchain technology:

The founder and CEO, Mr Jens Glaso, with his 20+ years of experience within the financial sector, had for many years looked into blockchain technology.

In 2015, after seeing the enormous need and a large potential for this technology, Jens brought on his co-founders Mr Baard Bjerkaas and Mr Jesper Ugland, and went to work on how to create a product that could benefit the unbanked population.

The concept, which today is known as SPENN, was developed on a conceptual scale, and the management team in Norway grew. The company was funded through governmental grants from Innovation Norway and the Norwegian research council, as well as team members and other investors.

Today, the product SPENN is live in several markets and the company has over 100 employees in the company, located in 11 countries in three continents.

There are 2 billion people in the world with limited or no access to financial services or a bank account. Blockbonds believes it is a human right to have a bank account for everyone in the world, for free.

By utilizing blockchain technology, we have created an advanced financial platform built into a user-friendly mobile Banking app, in which everyone can manage their savings, payments and investments in an honest, transparent and secure way.

Through SPENN, cash societies can be eliminated through the adoption of our Mobile Banking App, which is operating with full reserve in a bank account. SPENN offers a variety of services cost free, simple and instant. SPENN is a world-wide product, with its primary markets in Asia and Africa, where access to financial services is limited.

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SPENN is constantly under development, and we are always striving to please the needs for our users and make the app as user friendly as possible. Why not send our product team an email if you have some good ideas brewing?

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