Savings Boost

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Unlock Your Savings Potential! Deposit between Jan 24th-Feb 14th and commit to no withdrawals for 12 months to enjoy an extra 12% bonus on your savings on top of your existing interest.

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How to Earn an Extra 12% Interest:

Step 1
Open a Savings Account

Create a free savings account in the SPENN app and move funds from your spending to savings

Step 2
Airtime & Bills purchases 

Make 36 purchases within the year to qualify for an extra 12% interest on your savings

Step 3
Earn an Extra 12%

Lock in your savings for a year, make the bills and airtime transactions to earn the extra interest!

Act fast! Exclusive limited-time offer from Jan 24th to Feb 14th! Earn an incredible 12% bonus on your savings, on top of the standard 3% interest.

Contact our friendly Customer Service team if you encounter any issues. 

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How to

  1. Login to the SPENN app
  2. Tap create savings
  3. Set a savings goal
  4. Move funds from your spending to your savings wallet
  5. Start earning monthly interest payments!
  1. Tap savings on your dashboard
  2. Tap move funds
  3. Choose the amount
  4. Tap continue to move funds
  5. Funds will appear instantly in your savings account
  1. Tap airtime on your dashboard
  2. Choose the phone number and amount
  3. Swipe to pay
  4. Your airtime top up will reflect instantly
  1. Tap bills on your dashboard
  2. Choose the bill you would like to pay
  3. Enter the bill ID and amount
  4. Swipe to pay
  5. Bill will be paid instantly and you will see a receipt in your transaction history

To be eligible for 12% extra interest you must have completed all steps:

  • Deposited funds into your savings account between 24th Jan – 14th Feb
  • Make a minimum of 36 airtime or bill payments between during the 12 month term
  • Kept the initial deposit in the savings account for 12 months

Launch into Savings Success!

Terms apply. Offer may be canceled or modified at any time.