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Simply apply on your smartphone through the SPENN app.

Successful loan applications are paid out instantly into your SPENN account.

The first 14 days are interest-free. Loans can be paid back in partial payments.

We will provide all necessary information. Contact us 7 days a week if you need any assistance.



  • Download the SPENN App
    and follow the steps to validate your account

  • Be active on the SPENN App
    for 7 days and open a SuperSaver account

  • Apply for a loan
    in the app and set the amount you would like to borrow

  • If approved
    the balance appears in your spending account

  • Pay back the loan
    in 14 days with no additional charges

SPENN Loans is an instant loan service available for SPENN users in Rwanda. Eligible users can borrow up to RWF 500,000 instantly and cost free for the first 14 days.

The loan is provided by I&M Bank Rwanda through the SPENN application and will be paid to your SPENN Account.

As a minimum, you must be a resident in Rwanda and have a fully validated SPENN Account for at least 7 days.

In addition, you must make a deposit into your SuperSaver account.

Yes. However, each time you apply, your eligibility will be separately assessed. There is no guarantee that after being granted the first loan, you will be accepted for another one.

The amount you will be able to borrow depends on:

  • The balance in your SuperSaver account
  • How long you have been a SPENN user for
  • If you have borrowed before

We will also assess your personal financial circumstances. In any case, the minimum you can borrow is 15,000.00 RWF, and the maximum is 500,000.00 RWF.

The first 14 days are interest-free. If you payback the loan on or before day 14 there is no interest charge.

On Day 15, interest accrued from Day 1-14 are added to the loan amount.

On Day 30, Day 60 and Day 90 the interest accrued must be paid back. You have 90 days to payback the full loan.

To repay a SPENN Loan:

  • Click on the ‘Money’ tab in the SPENN app
  • Click ‘Loan’ then ‘Pay Back Loan’
  • Choose how much you would like to pay back (you can either pay back the full loan, or make a partial payment)
  • Once the payment is complete, the new balance will show up in the outstanding loan amount

On Day 15, the free loan period ends. Interest for the first 14 days will be added to the outstanding loan balance. Your loan will continue accruing interest until the full amount is paid back.

You will be notified via sms to inform you of the additional charges on your SPENN loan. If you have any questions about your loan balance, dial 5090 for help.

The loan is payable within 90 days. you can repay the loan before the due date and borrow again. You can also pay back your loans in partial payments within the 90 day period.

All loans paid back within the first 14 days are 100% cost free.

Interest on your loan must be paid Day 30, Day 60 and Day 90. If there is not enough balance in your spending account to repay the interest, you will be charged an additional monitoring fee. This fee will be taken from your SPENN wallet.

If you are late to repay your loan on Day 90, the full loan amount will be deducted from your SPENN account.

SPENN Customer Service Team is always happy to help. You can either send us an email, give us a call, or visit our office:
SPENN Rwanda
Norrsken Kigali House, KN 78 St, Kigali, Rwanda
Tel: 5090 (toll-free number)
@: [email protected]


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